13 Terrible Eyeliner Mistakes Everyone Is Making

The art of eyeliner is a hard one to perfect. Usually, a make-up routine is quite manageable for anyone, once they’ve done it a few times. However, the thorn in everyone’s eye (sometimes quite literally) is eyeliner. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you did – eyeliner is a nightmare. While we can’t promise to perfect your eyeliner game, these 13 common eyeliner mistakes may help make the ride a bit smoother.


1. Trying to freehand.

There is no shame in the tape. In fact, using clear tape as a guideline for where your winged eyeliner is supposed to go will get you even wings every time, and that’s really what it’s all about. Don’t be a hero, just use the tape.


2. The dreaded gap.

The gap is real. If you’re not going to tightline, there’s no point in wearing eyeliner. That little gap is easily avoided by just lifting the eyelid gently and filling in the gap for a smooth transition.


3. Forgetting primer.

As much as we like to think it is, primer is actually not just a money making scheme. Primer is pretty essential if you want your make-up to last, especially on your eyes, since they move about 900 times per hour. Then there’s the rain, the wind, and all the other ways nature wants to sabotage your hard work to look good.

4. Eyeliner transferring onto eyelids.

This is especially a problem for people with monolids, but it’s easy to avoid. If you add height and curve your liquid eyeliner, the makeup won’t smudge on your skin.


5. Applying eyeliner and then curling the eyelashes.

Bad idea. You seriously haven’t just put 18.5 minutes into creating a perfect eyeliner look to just smudge and erase it with an eyelash curler, have you? Curl first to avoid undoing your hard work.


6. Liquid liner on the lower lash line.

Unless you are Elvira, this should never happen.

7. Using an old eyeliner pencil.

Just like everything else, eyeliner has an expiry date. After a while, your eyeliner pencil will dry out and it will make your makeup look faded and sloppy.


8. Black eyeliner on the bottom lid.

Please, for the love of God, can everyone stop using black eyeliner on their bottom lid, PLEASE? It was OK in 2006, when The Black Parade came out and black eyeliner was pretty much mandatory, but it’s ten years later now, and we’ve learned some things. A brown eyeliner for your bottom lid will ensure you still get some definition, but without looking sloppy and smudgy. If you want to make your eyes look wider, use a white eyeliner on your bottom lid.


9. Not reaching all the way to the waterlines.

Waterlines can be tricky and usually leave you shedding a few tears. However, the inner and outer corners of your eyes are essential for a flawless eyeliner. If you can’t reach, use a small blending brush.

10. Forgetting to blend.

This isn’t the 90s. Eyeliner isn’t a new thing. Please blend, it will stop you from looking like a 17-year-old who wears nude lipgloss, platform slippers and Paris Hilton perfume.


11. Here’s how to restore an old eyeliner pencil.

An old, dry pencil isn’t necessarily a reason to blow money on a new one. There’s probably lots left in that pencil, just warm up the tip with a lighter for a few seconds and voila: instant gel liner.


12. Eyeliner all around the eyes.

It wasn’t cute when Jenny Humphry did it on Gossip Girl, it’s not cute when anyone does it. Seriously, there is no need to be looking like a raccoon – and it’s also not what eyeliner is for.

13. Pulling your eyelid.

It’s a natural reflex to pull the eyelid to flatten out the area. However, it’s not a smart thing to do. It’s best to let the eyeliner take the natural curve of your skin. On top of this, the skin in this area is very, very fragile so you don’t want to pulling it too hard.