13 Strangers Reveal Whether Or Not They’re Using Their College Degree

A recent study told us that 74% of college grads don’t do anything even slightly related to their majors. So what are they doing? These 13 grads are sharing with us their majors, and the jobs they’ve ended up doing now.

Major: Journalism and Media Studies

Job: Radio Producer and Future Yoga Instructor


Major: Political Science

Job: Investment Banking


Major: Psychology

Job: Law School

Major: Business Administration

Job: Waiter!


Major: Marketing

Job: Street Performer


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Job: Walters Hotdogs

Major: Accounting

Job: Teaching Assistant


Major: Psychology

Job: City Year Americorp


Major: English

Job: Musical Improv Comedy and Sales and Personal Growth Work

Major: Psychology

Job: Shipping


Major: Paramedic School

Job: Elvis Presley


Major: Music

Job: Video Projectionist


Major: BA in political science, MBA

Job: King of Planet Earth