13 Sidekicks That Made Television Shows Addictive

It doesn’t matter if these actors have or haven’t won a Golden Globe for playing these characters, because they have won a place in our hearts. These are the 13 sidekicks that have made the last decade of television worth watching.


1. Crazy Eyes – Orange is the New Black.

Ever since she came out with “chocolate vanilla swiiiiiiirl” the audience needed and demanded more of Crazy Eyes. Thankfully the television Gods listened and her story arc became one of the main focuses for season three of Orange is the New Black. It was a good decision as well because people had become super annoyed with Piper.


2. Karen Walker – Will and Grace.

Although Megan Mullally has won her fair share of awards for portraying Karen on Will and Grace, we have to point out that Karen is actually better than the title characters. The show should have been called Karen and Jack.


3. Jack – Will and Grace.

Replace what was said about Karen and insert the name Jack.

4. Milpool – The Simpsons.

The poindexter Milhouse has played Bart’s unfortunate minion for over 25 years. Although, on the show and in real life he gets overlooked at times, he is involved in some of the most hilarious scenes in Simpson history.


5. Sil – The Sopranos.

Tony’s wing man, Silvio Dante was the right hand man of the notorious mob boss in the highly successful show The Sopranos for all seven seasons. Dante’s slicked back hair and upturned lip were signature characteristics that made watching him addictive.
Fun fact: he is the lead guitarist for Bruce Springsteen’s band E Street Band.


6. April – Parks and Recreation.

She is literally the rudest person in the world but that makes her one of the best character on Parks and Recreation. Actually all of the characters on Parks and Recreation are the best. #LesleyKnope #RonSwanson #AndyDwyer

7. Sookie St James – Gilmore Girls.

How could you not love Lorelia’s best friend Sookie St James?  Melissa McCarthy is now uber famous from her roles in Bridesmaids, Mike and Molly and SPY to name a few, but before all that, she was the funny cook on Gilmore Girls. #MakeGilmourGirlsTheMovieAlready


8. Morgan – The Mindy Project.

Morgan transformed from being the most annoying character on The Mindy Project to being one of the funniest. Ike Barinholtz took a one dimensional character and transformed him into a hilarious emotionally vulnerable character that the audience loved.


9. Joan Harris- Mad Men.

Christina Hendricks’ Joan Harris is literally the lady in red. She doesn’t have to say anything and you know you are in trouble. It is Hendricks’ subtlety in the details that elevates Joan from the rest of the office and yet at the same time she stays in the background supporting Don and the boys. It’s a very difficult balancing act and Hendricks makes it look easy.

10. Jesse – Breaking Bad.


Jesse is a character that fortunately has been recognized as the one of the many reasons behind Breaking Bad‘s success.  A character that is able to say “bitch” a million different ways deserves all sorts of trophies.


11. (Warning this is controversial) Miranda – Sex and the City.

We know, we know. Clearly Samantha is the hilarity of the the whole show. However, if you listen closely, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda has some of the filthiest and most subtle lines in Sex and the City and if you get them, you’ll be laughing all night.


12. Gary – Veep.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus leads a stellar cast in the award-winning show Veep.  However, some of Julia’s scenes are stolen by her bag carrying assistant and the show is all the better for it. Gary has to carry the Vice President’s tampons in his bag for the love of God, give him praise just for that.


13. Brianna Hanson – Grace and Frankie.


Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are without a doubt the stars of the successful Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. Yet, the show would be less desirable without the incredible supporting cast. Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston and Brooklyn Deck all contribute to the drama filled comedy perfectly.  However, the stand out sidekick is Brianna Hanson played by the hilarious June Diane Ruphael.  Throughout the season she became increasingly mortified by her family and the audience came along for the ride with her