13 Reasons Miley Cyrus Should Never Be Left Alone With Inanimate Objects

We should have learned by now, Miley likes to violate things, even inanimate objects, and it needs to stop. Nothing and nobody is safe!


1. One of your favorite places in the world, bed. Miley’s violated it.


2. That poor doll. Violated.


3. Miley! We were just about to get back to the gym before you violated all the equipment!

4. Just stay clear of any form of stuffed animal. Chances are Miley violated it too.


5. No pants? No Problem. Jimmy Kimmel’s couch? Violated.


6. Whatever you do, don’t let her near your storage unit, she’ll have a field day.

7. No fence is left unscathed, untouched, unviolated.


8. Everytime you see a wrecking ball, chances are, it’s been violated.


9. The innocent foam finger, not so innocent no more.

10. You thought your tool box was free from violation? Think again.


11. Bet you thought your comfy human sized nest was going to be spared. Nope. Violated.


12. Again with the bed? But more importantly you probably want to avoid those platform sneakers you were running out to buy. She got to them too…

13. And now, you can never go anywhere again. Miley got to your car too.