13 Astonishing Artistic Updates Of Old Abandoned Photos

Art is a strange thing. It can inspire you to create a beautiful nature scene or, to put duck legs on super old pics of your great grandparents. In these 13 images, Jane Long updates old timey photos to be contemporary masterpieces straight out of a Lewis Carroll acid trip.


1. Are we human? Or are we ducks?


2. All aboard the S.S. Bathtub. If there are pirates around, we surrender in advance.


3. Nothing says contemporary update like a goldfish jumping through a burning ring of fire.

4. This is how he’s playing violin in the afterlife. At least he’s got a following now.


5. You probably didn’t think it was possible for this photo to get any weirder. Is the mother now the duck?


6. Carrie’s Great Grandmother.

7. Good luck figuring out whatever that kid’s holding in his hand.


8. Even in the update that girl refuses to look at the camera.


9. Fly my pretties, fly!!

10. Something tells us these girls weren’t too happy about photo day.


11.  Red Riding Hood and General Patton in their early years.


12. Balancing is one thing, but this is where we draw the line.

13. Before and after the apocalypse.