13 Artists With The Most Devoted Fan Bases In The Music Business

1. Beliebers

Justin’s ‘Beliebers’ stick with him through everything, no matter how much trouble he’s in. Johnny Depp even admitted to being a ‘Belieber’ early in Justin’s career.


2. Little Monsters

Lady Gaga’s fans have been ‘Little Monsters’ since 2009. The term came from her album ‘The Fame Monster’ (and the fact that her fans dress up like little monsters…)


3. Black Stars

Avril Lavigne’s fans, the ‘Black Stars’ are devout followers of this pop-punk princess. She also has a perfume released under the same name.

4. Katy-Cats

Katy invented the term herself during the Hello Katy tour. It’s thought that she named them after her feline friend, Kitty Purry.


5. Swifties

‘Swifties’ are not to be messed with! After Abercrombie & Fitch released a t-shirt with the slogan ‘more boyfriends than t.s.’ in 2013, the Swifties launched an attack, and the t-shirt was pulled from shelves. Don’t mess with these fans.


6. Blockheads

‘Blockheads’ are the New Kids On The Block fans who are known for creating their own merchandise for concerts and hang around the group’s tour bus.

7. Barbies

Nicky Minaj’s fans started calling ¬†themselves ‘Barbies,’ and now Nicky herself has carried it on as a term of endearment.


8. The Blue Army

‘The Blue Army’ are the devoted Aerosmith fans that have been around since the 70s. They always wear denim jackets, so en masse they look like a huge blue army.


9. RihannaNavy

The RihannaNavy is the name for Rihanna’s massive fan base. They follow her with military precision.

10. Deadheads

The term ‘Deadheads’ first appeared on The Grateful Dead’s second album, and the fans gathered under the banner for the next four decades.


11. Animals

Ke$ha’s first album had a track called Animals, and that song inspired her followers to unite. They called themselves ‘Animals,’ and the rest is history.


12. Directioners

The ‘Directioners’ might be the most devoted fan base in the history of music. There are ‘Directioners’ all over the world, and they pack out stadiums to see their favorite band. Even though one of the boys has left the band, the ‘Directioners’ are still sticking by One Direction.


13. Maggots

Fans at Slipknot concerts look like a writhing pit of people, a sight which inspired the group to call their fans ‘Maggots.’ Although it might be the most offensive name on this list, Slipknot fans wear it with pride.