11 Tweets That Got People Fired From Their Jobs

1. This girl dressed up as a victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings before coming to work and tweeted about it to the whole world. Attempting to make a joke out of an event that left dozens injured, some fatally, is a guaranteed way to get yourself kicked out of any job.

2. This fireman was fired after he was caught being extremely sexist on Twitter.

3. This Taco Bell employee was fired after he tweeted out images of him urinating on food while at work.

Tweets That Got People Fired From Their Jobs 7 Taco Bell Employee

4. This maths teacher was left jobless after she tweeted about getting high.

5. She was out of it even before she started! This girl lost an employment offer after she tweeted negatively about the opportunity.


6. This Obama administration employee was quickly left jobless after his tweets were discovered.

7. This Director of Corporate Communications was caught with a tweet that was extremely racist. These are the kind of jokes that no one should be making.

8. Comedian Catherine Deveny lost her job as a writer for an Australian newspaper after tweeting about her hopes of Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin’s daughter) getting laid.


9. The F bomb was dropped by the Chrysler twitter account. Upon investigation, it was found the PR agency in charge of the account had an employee that sent out this tweet accidentally and it was meant for a different account. Unfortunately, someone needs to be held responsible for the damage done and he couldn’t keep his job.

10. Former MLB pitcher Mike Bacsik got drunk and tweeted out some offensive comments during a a Mavericks-Spurs game. Mike lost his job as a radio producer from this incident.

11. This waiter at a popular location for celebrities was unhappy when Jane Adams (popular actor) left without giving the man a decent tip and took to Twitter with his rage. He was fired for unprofessionally handling the situation.