11 Tinder Profiles That Make You Question Humanity

If you haven’t been exposed to the Tinder world yet, be afraid, be very, very afraid. Every once in a while you will swipe right and get somebody pleasant. However, 90% of time you will get absolute lunatics that will make you lose faith in humanity. Enjoy the single life.


1. We did nazi that coming.


2. “Austin, you are a complete egotistical tool….let’s get coffee.”


3. Um Jennifer honey, you are not doing this right.

4. Oh God, to the left, to the left…immediately before you get in trouble.


5. “Mooooooom I have found the girl for me….and also MEATLOAF.”

6. Someone has not taught the rules of Tinder to Mary.

7. Oh please, no one is Batman when they are having sex.


8. Too much of the yap yap yap.


9. Play it cool Sadee, play it cool.


10. Soph, this is not how acrostic poems work.


11. She is wearing a Donald Trump hat, left swipe dat girl.