12 Times The News Seriously Underestimated People’s Intelligence

What would we do without news? It informs the people! With information, apparently. So much duh.


1. Good at golf.


2. How did this arrest even go down?

3. Studies show that people acting like dicks are, in fact, total dicks.


4. Erm, I knew that. *Puts down burrito*


5. WHAT?


6. Wait, so what are the bugs doing?

7. This is a tragedy! This man was killed to death. Not normal killed! Killed. To. Death.


8. Extra! Extra! There is fire… Wait for it… On the sun!


9. A lot of elder siblings are very distraught right now.

10. Useful brand new information.


11. Please remember this, it’s really unpleasant.


12. “Chuck Norris can count to infinity.” What? You don’t know if he can.