12 Signs That Only Speak The Truth

Signs are meant to welcome people and to express interest in whatever is being advertised. However these are examples of hilariously bad signs that will make you laugh and then make you immediately ignore what they say.


1. Serial killer section.


2. Ambiguous sign.


3. Ugly people need love too.

4. All you can do is try your best.


5. They are not giving enough credit to the lollipop.


6. A man who makes a sign for no reason is a man who should be President.

7. College students…this is the bin for you.


8. Fear the walking dead? Come to Church.


9. “Your honor, we would like to submit to the court, Exhibit 1.”

10. Can’t fix ugly.


11. Better the devil you know.


12. If they change the price of beer then that’s $400 down the drain.