12 Signs That Speak The Unadulterated Truth

Signs can be a tad confusing or¬†controversial by promoting their own insidious agenda. However, these 12 signs are not misleading or confusing at all. They offer up some life changing advice, so strap yourself in and get ready for the truth…can you handle it?


1. Always go for the juggler, his hands are full…but what happens if he is juggling knives?


2. Don’t tell us how to live our lives.


3. How will people know if it fits their head or not?

4. Take care of it and it will take care of you.


5. Best advice ever.


6. The threat of social awkwardness can improve your fitness.

7. Sometimes it is out of our control.


8. They may not have had a choice in the matter.


9. Helicopters will chop off your head, it’s an inevitable fact.

10. OK, this is actually the best advice ever.


11. Twerking serves no purpose in the world.


12. You must…