12 Road Construction Fails That Will Make You Want To Stop Driving Altogether

Road construction people are the best human beings ever. They are known for either standing around and doing nothing or for completely messing up the one job they had.


1.¬†Well, at least they didn’t stand around and do nothing. In fact, they did the complete opposite.


2. Yes, the only way onto the highway is through this person’s house. Take it or leave it.


3. “Where do you want this electricity pole?” “Ahh, just drop it somewhere in the middle of the road.”

4. Just going to leave this here…


5. “Okay guys, has anyone seen my shovel? Shovel, anyone?”


6. Terrible day to be a cat.

7. Just a bit of cement, no biggie, we can get through here guys.


8. Oh, sorry, did you want to access your own garage? No can do.


9. Tight squeeze, but interesting approach.

10. “Oh yes, stop by any time. My address is 103 middle of the friggin’ road!”

11. Diagonal parking only.


12. It’s more fun this way.