12 Problem-Free Tricks To Have Your Kids Perfectly Potty Trained

Although it is doubtful that you remember it, everybody has gone through the trying task of becoming toilet-trained. It is not an easy period, but things have come a long way, and the internet has come together to make this exciting time as quick and painless as possible. With these ideas, your little one will be potty-trained in no time at all!


 1. A coffee filter in your toddler’s potty makes cleaning up far easier. Love yourself!


2. Never underestimate the power of posititive reinforcement! A candy treat works wonders.


3. A line indicating how much toilet paper to use will save your kids from needlessly dragging out huge swathes of the stuff.

4. Make your children chart their progress, in order that they have a sense of ownership and pride in growing up.


5. There are plenty of kids books that introduce and then reinforce the importance of potty training in a fun way.


6. A cheerio (or other marker) in the bowl is a great way to get your boys to practice their aim (an underrated lifetime skill).

7. Imagine the scary proportions a regular toilet holds for your precious toddler! End the fear with one of these great add-on seats.


8. Make up a “pee-pee” song, making the experience seem familiar, fun and relaxing.


9. Huggies seriously has an app called It’s Time to Potty. It seriously works because, as we know, kids just can’t get enough of technology!

10. Create a “Potty Time Pal” out of a ping pong ball, who helps with aim and surfs the waves when it comes to it.


11. Elemo’s Potty Time is a classic, for a reason.


12. Before things are perfect, apply these mattress pads and be patient!


It is very important to remember that good things take time, and that the reward will be worth all of the work. It’s going to happen!