12 Parents Who Gave The Middle Finger To Aging Gracefully

When you think “parents” you think responsible, carpool, stable, mature, respectable, conservative – words like that. These parents gave that type of life the middle finger and decided to live life like they damn well pleased.


1. Never has a pumpkin been so disturbing.


2. They’ve still got it after all these years.


3. Sometimes parental guidance isn’t such a good thing.

4. “Oh God, mom just found out how to use Snapchat”.


5. Who needs terrible friends when your parents are worse.


6. #Mom loves using hip terminology to embarrass you.

7. Reindeer games.


8.¬†Once you pop you can’t stop.


9. Welcome to the family.

10. “You’re supposed to love me!”.


11. “Why? Because I can, that’s why!”


12. “They worked me like a dog today.”

funny parents emgn 13

13. “Are those four extra legs in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”