12 Incredible 3D Tattoos That’ll Mess With Your Mind

You may have seen a lot of tattoos – but really, you ain’t seen nothing yet. One look at these hyper-realistic tattoos and you’ll finally start viewing their creators as real artists.


1. Try resisting the urge to touch it – it’ll fly away.


2. Detailed perfection.


3. Simple but effective.

4. All the pain and long hours were totally worth it.


5. You might not even realize that this is actually a human body.


6. Stop staring, bud.

7. Don’t you just want to cuddle it?


8. You always knew it, they’re wandering among us.


9. True devotion.

10. Chesire cat is watching you!


11. Almost as real as a photograph.


12. Shedding skin to reveal your inner self. Just kidding, it’s a tattoo. Really, it is.