12 Grooming Tips That Will Make You Feel Like A New Man

1. Get rid of your ear and neck hair.

You can be the hottest guy in the world but if you’re sporting unsightly neck or ear hair you might as well put a sign around your neck saying “don’t sleep with me ever”.


2. Facial soap.

Make sure that you cleanse your face daily with a special facial soap, not the bath soap you wash the rest of your body with which will dry out your skin out, plus it’s touched the rest of your body already…


3. Brush and floss.

So you brush twice a day? Good job, but that’s the bare minimum. You also need to floss and brush your tongue to keep bacteria at bay and make sure your breath doesn’t smell.

4. Be careful with hair dye.

The world of dye jobs is a perilous one. Get it done by a professional but if you are set on doing it yourself ask for advice before you choose a shade that’s too dark.


5. Beard maintenance.

Don’t let your face fluff run wild, make sure you reign it in and give it a trim. Also make sure you wash and condition it – a recent study has suggested that beards that are not cleaned regularly are as dirty as your average toilet.


6. Perfume.

Remember not to put too much cologne on. Just a little will do and make sure you have body wash, cologne and aftershave that compliment each other.

7. Hydration.

Hydration is key for younger looking skin. Drink lots of water and use lotion and moisturizer on your body and face daily.


8. Care for your hair.

Long hair is all the rage right now but to make sure it’s healthy. Use a good conditioner at least three times per week.


9. Tame your eyebrow jungle.

Don’t let your eyebrows go wild, get them professionally shaped then just maintain them by tweezing as you go.

10. Get all up in that nose.

Long nose hairs are just gross. No one wants to see that or even stand within a ten meter radius of that guy. Get your act together and trim those nose hairs.


11. Shower daily.

Non negotiable. Showering daily is an easy fix for body odor. Keep yourself clean and you will feel like a million bucks.


12. Manicures aren’t just for girls.

It’s time to stop biting your nails and instead keep them well trimmed and filed. Awful finger nails are a dead giveaway to the ladies¬†that you don’t have your act together.