12 Of The Most Glorious Celeb Fails On Stage

Celebrities don’t fail often. When they do, though, we’re all there to watch, applaud and then create a thousand memes and gifs so they will always remember what happened in that one fateful moment.


1. That moment Taylor Swift did a Monroe, just a little less classy.


2. When Jennifer Lawrence’s dress decided to be a little attention-seeking b*tch.


3. Katy Perry combined with high heels and cake was a story that couldn’t have ended well.

4. When that fan just didn’t want to let go of Queen B’s hair.


5. Lady Gaga and her raw meat statement.

Why? Just why?


6. That time Drake just couldn’t get enough of Madonna.

7. Oh, and that moment when gravity became Madonna’s enemy.


8. When Fergie didn’t even have time for a bathroom break.


9. The moment Ariane Grande was struck by an angel’s wing.

10. That time when Miley did… that thing.


11. When Justin Bieber reminded us of his real age.


12. Then there was Queen B’s Superbowl performance, where she simply refused to fail.