12 Dorms That Took A Walk On The Wild Side

For some, college is the culmination of a life-long dream involving hard work and dedication to study. For others it’s a chance to lose as many brain cells as possible and create the most badass dorm known to man.


1. That poster of The O.C.  really makes it believable.


2. The grass is always greener in the other dorm.


3. The internet cafe.

4. “I sleep better when I’m defying gravity”.


5. You’re never too old to build a fort.


6. Your plan has been foiled.

7. The house always wins.


8. For those that are serious about partying.


9. A pirates life for me.

10. This party is kind of dead dude.


11. This isn’t the first time he’s had a bunch of balls in his face.


12. It’s a jungle out there.