12 Bizarre Collectibles That Are Actually Worth Money

If you haven’t realized that people in this world are obsessive and weird by now, then you soon will. Here are 12 items you won’t believe people collect and weirder still, they are actually worth money.


1. Vintage Metal shirts.

Vintage metal shirts are all the rage at the moment. If you held onto your Metallica shirt from the 80s that is cotton gold my friend. Kim Kardashian paid $2,000 for her vintage Metallica t-shirt.


2. Vintage beer cans.

It’s probably less likely you kept one of these vintage cans around. It’s not really the type of thing that gets passed from generation to generation but it’s probably worth more than some things that are. Old vintage beer cans fetch around $100 per can today.


3. Playboy Magazines.

Who doesn’t get turned on looking at women now in their 80s posing for porn mags? The earliest editions from the 50s can get some serious money and the original Playboy featuring Marilyn Monroe sold for $3,000.

4. Chamber pots.

You’re going to thank your lucky stars that your crazy grandma Lilith kept doing her business in a chamber pot all those years because they can fetch you up to $4,000.


5. Nail polish.

Strange but true, some ladies go insane trying to get hold of discontinued nail polish. If you’ve got a whole bunch of it sitting around unused it might be time to see if it’s of the rare kind because they can sell for around $200 per jar.


6. Vacuum Cleaners.

Are you trying to enter the world of vacuum cleaner collecting? Who isn’t? There is a huge sub-culture for this collectible particularly in the US and Britain where they have huge conferences. You can usually buy a vintage one for around $300.

7. Packets of sugar.

Collecting sugar is so huge in the UK that participants have formed a group called the ‘Sucrology Club’. These people are obsessed with sugar and life is sweet when they get their hands on the rarest sugar out there.


8. Sex dolls.

There are around 1,500 sex doll collectors online. The largest collection belongs to a man named Bob Gibbons who has his own personal harem of 240 sex dolls. His collection is valued at a whopping $150,000. Now that’s a man who knew what he wanted in life and went out and got it 240 times over.


9. Soap.

If you’re itching to get into the soap collecting game then you need to start by snagging yourself some complimentary goodies from your hotel visits. There is a group that lives for this sort of things. The ‘Casino Hotel Soap Collectors Club’ is its name and taking bars of complimentary hotel soap is its game.

10. Pez Dispensers.

Pez dispensers are crazy valuable. Some are worth around $1,000. Yeah the goofy little things that dispense candy from cartoon faces are worth as much as your brand new laptop.


11. Old AOL CD’s.

For some reason, copies of rare AOL CD’s are actually worth something today. Collectors will pay up to $25 for single units and collections regularly sell on Ebay for around $30 which is still pretty reasonable for your back catalogue of Mr Mister music. One guy wanted “your goddamn AOL CDs” so much he sent a public service announcement over the internet.


12. Condoms.

You can thank your lack of game in your youth for that the condom that’s been sitting in your wallet for 20 years which could now be worth as much as $50.