12 Billboard Match-Ups That Will Make You Cringe

Advertisers often compete for prime billboard real estate on the nations most congested highways. Most of the time these competing messages have nothing to do with one another, but some of the time the pairings can be so unfortunate that the results are downright disastrous. Here are 12 match-ups that will make you cringe.


1. You’re going straight to hell, McDonald’s.


2. Capitalism at its finest.


3. Catsus meet Jesus.

4. “No! I do not have a giant thirst, leave my butt alone!”


5. The Huggies kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


6. Subaru thinks it’s better than disabled people.

7. Embryos also make great McMuffins.


8. It’s a bud-lightening experience.


9. “Daddy decided spending time with his whores was more important!”

10. This is just awkward for everyone involved.


11. The Sausage always finds a way.


12. At least these two are on the same page.