11 Times Kids Were Total Ninjas At School

It takes an extremely large pair of balls to pull off these 11 acts of student espionage.


1. “Or can I”?


2. What is truth really, but a false yet to be discovered.


3. How do you calculate the square root of a Facebook status update?

4. A sign saying f%#k off would have been easier, but a ninja gives exactly zero f#%ks.


5. The art of disguise is important, when cooking your morning lecture breakfast.


6. Now you see me, now you…Japanese soft toy!

7. When you’re a ninja, you need to live off the land.


8. Your move, teacher.


9. A ninja needs to follow instructions, down to the final letter.

10. The kid who struck fear into the heart of this teacher, with a stick figure drawing.


11. It takes skill to grow another arm.