11 Things You Did Not Know About Cinderella’s Dress

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Cinderella’s costume designer Sandy Powell revealed 11 little-known facts about Cinderella’s ‘genuinely magical’ dress:

There are EIGHT versions to Cinderella’s dress and it took a team of 20 people and 4000 hours to make. Each of the eight versions of the gown is slightly different. One is 2in shorter and a couple are 4in for the times when Cinderella had to run; another has holes cut in the sides of the skirt for harness work.
Powell achieved the magical “light as air, a watercolour in motion” look by using many different shades of shimmering blue.
The corset and the skirt cage are made of steel.

The top layer of the gown is silk crepeline, a very lightweight, fine silk. The layers underneath are made up of a synthetic called yumissima, an incredibly light (and very expensive, about £150 a metre) material which floats when thrown in the air.
Cinderella’s tiny waist is actually an illusion (and not CGI), her waist looks so tiny because the skirt is so huge.
Cinderella was stitched into her dress, and if nature called, a mini camping portable loo was slipped under her dress.
It took 20 minutes for Cinderella to get dressed… and that was AFTER ages of practice!
10, 000 Swarovski crystals were hand-applied to the dress.
Richard Madden, who plays The Prince, kept treading on Cinderella’s gown during the dance scenes — because, of course.


The detachable ‘bertha’, which topped the fairytale gown, was decorated with dozens of hand-painted butterflies made by Hiroshima artist Haruka Miyamoto.
There are 3 Miles of thread in the hems and 250 Metres of fabric in each dress.
The designer and her team are sworn to secrecy about the price of Cinderella’s dress but estimates have it at a whopping 11, 000 pounds!