11 Things Midterms Make Us Feel Too Guilty About

Oh, midterms…someday we’ll laugh about them. That day is not today. At present they loom, like a tidal wave of disappointment above us. Despite our best efforts to focus, the world seems to be made entirely of distraction. It’s not our fault! We didn’t make the internet! Take a moment, laugh, and realize that it is all going to be OK. Maybe.


1. The switch from pajamas to actual clothing seems like a complete waste of your damn time.


2. You become painfully honest about your abilities.


3. You start taking studying selfies every page as a reward, but you never just take one now, do you…

4. You wish your lawyer was present, because you guilty.


5. You are doing things that you took solemn vows not to do.


6. Like writing radio jingles to make you feel like you’re in the same boat as everybody else.

7. You’ve forgotten what a homecooked meal is.


8. You start thinking of and researching all the famous and successful people who walked away from their college degrees to follow their dreams.


9. Any activity becomes six degrees separated from studying.

10. You can’t remember what subject you’re supposed to be studying.


11. You start trying to convince others to do badly as “they can’t fail us all.” They can.