11 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Ear-Pods Could Do

Your iPhone ear-pods function like any other headphones, right? Wrong! They can do so much more! Read up on these 12 amazing things that your ear-pods are capable of and your life will never be the same again. In addition, you will get a crash course on how to become your mom’s favorite.


1. Play or pause music.

The center button, once tapped, will cause your music to stop or play according to your wishes. Now you can finally listen to that song that you mom managed to send you after 25 failed attempts.


2. Skipping songs.

The song sounds like all your worst nightmares combined? A simple double tap on the center button will do and you can listen to the next song in line.


3. Go back to previous song.

emgn magic iphone earbuds pic 3


In case your mom asked you to spell out the third line of the second song’s first verse: tap that center button three times and you can easily go back to the previous song.

4. Fast-forwarding of songs.

emgn magic iphone earbuds pic 4


That song really is pure torture? Double-tap and then hold the center button to fast-forward the current track.


5. Rewinding of songs.

emgn magic iphone earbuds pic 5

Missed that one line? Do a simple triple-click of the center button and then hold in order to rewind.


6. Answering calls.

When you receive a call, tap that useful center button to answer the call. Your mom would want you to pick up!

7. Hold original call while receiving a new call.

Now you know how smart those ear-pods really are! When receiving another call while already talking to your mom, tap the center button once to hold your first call and answer the second one.


8. Ignore second call.

It’s your ex? No worries! Simply hold the center button for two seconds to ignore the incoming call, and continue talking to your mom.


9. Hang up.

When your mom is done talking to you about her neighbor’s annoying new cat, tap the center button once in order to hang up.

10. Activate Siri.

If you then need to locate the next liquor store because you desperately need a beer after that conversation, hold the center button for round about two seconds to get Siri to help you out.


11. Take a photo.

After you finally managed to have a few drinks, and you want to document your fun with friends, click either volume button for taking a photo. Then, send it to your mom… no, wait, don’t.