11 Strange Items For Sale On eBay RIGHT NOW

Browse for long enough on eBay and eventually you will stumble upon some pretty strange crap. Proving that there is a market out there for anything these days, here are 11 strange items for sale on the site right now.


1. Contestants of Miss KKK 1935.

This strange photo is for sale under the title of  ‘Strange Creepy Bag Mask Contest’ and is presumably trying to appeal to men that like to paper bag it, or white supremacists who get turned on by the concept of anonymity.


2. The head honcho.

Another entry in the strange photos category is for sale under the captioned ‘Freaky Skull Heads’. The creepy dude having his Hamlet moment in this photo is presumably posing for the front cover of Serial Killer Monthly.


3. The most interesting family on earth.

This item is listed as the ‘Morris Family of Philadelphia, Descendants of Anthony Morris Vol. 4’ because after three volumes on this obscure Philadelphia family the author licked his lips and declared “there’s just too many juicy details here for a mere three volumes” . Hilariously the person that listed this item wrote “You can stop searching!” in the description for those people that just couldn’t get enough of the three volumes before.

4. The cone heads.

This gem is titled ‘Sexy Dancing Girls’ but it seems more like they have just taken a trip to the vet and had some weird cones attached to their ears to stop them from scratching.


5. Meet the shrink.

‘Freaky Shrunken Heads’ is the title of this strange image. After the man got home his wife said “when I told you to bring me back a souvenir this isn’t quite what I had in mind”.


6. Etsy the haunted doll.

There is actually a large community on eBay that sells what they claim are haunted dolls. You can find this listing under ‘Haunted Doll’ obviously. The doll named Etsy even has a backstory:

“Etsy is very powerful and communicates often…She usually talks to me daily…Etsy was a nurse, wife, and mother of 5 from Alabama. She died in her sleep when she was very old”

7. Bring out the gimp.

The importance of the crotchless design in the ‘Costume Crotchless Open Breast Bodysuit’ should not be understated. It probably takes a hell of a long time to get in and out of the skintight suit and you don’t want all of that sexual tension leaving the room while you try and exit this vacuum bag.


8. eBay for the criminally insane.

The straight jacket is a handy product for people that never know what to do with their hands. Listed as ‘Leather Straight Jacket Costume’ the best comment by the seller is “this one is uni-sex. I can make other sizes by request”. Apparently making straight jackets is a booming industry.


9. The chastity belt for men.

The ‘Black Electro Chastity Device’ offers up more questions than you probably wanted answers for. Yes, you put your penis in it, yes there is an element of electric stimulation involved and if you want to urinate there is apparently a way you can do that as well.

10. The Star Trek gun made to massage your butt.

The ‘Healthy Men Prostate Massager’ looks more like a phaser from the Star Trek universe. At first glance this may look like a sex toy but the listing says that it is a prostate massager that “greatly increases the flow of blood into the prostate gland more effectively than any other prostate treatment in existence”. You just look at that thing and hope to god you never get prostate problems because the cleanup alone seems like a worrying prospect.


11. The mag that answers the hard questions like “are you a chubby chaser?”.

With more acronyms than you can shake a stick at ‘Plus Size, BBW, SSBBW’ (try figuring that one out) is the magazine “where fat chicks are cool”. If you have a particular fetish for big tummied females then boy did you just hit the jackpot.