11 Of The Funniest Bikini Photo Fails Of All Time. #10 Will Make You Gag.

It’s beautiful how quickly the whole vibe of a bikini scene can change from sexy to stupid with an inappropriate photobomb.


1. She’s really going for the Sports Illustrated cover sass. And so is he. Holding the cam, could you have kept a straight face for her?! Or, is she photobombing him…?!


2. This laughing lass is VERY popular with the neighbors. Clearly, he can also see through his fabric hat.


3. It’s common knowledge that male dogs are territorial. It’s less well known that they can get jealous.

4. That is one Jolly photobomber!


5. Tyra: “Yeah! Yeah! That’s it! Girl You better werk it in front of that dead cow.”


6. It kinda looks like the women is writing him a ticket, doesn’t look like he gives a flying fox.

7. Can’t tell whether this is gramps or grandma, but her boyfriend blocked the paper-reading pensioner out of his mind when he got this from his girl.


8. An unfortunate moment to be digging sand out of your trunks!


9. It may be funny to her now, but let’s see if she can rock a thong at 125 years of age.


10. This is one of the worst fails of all time. There are no words.


11. Whoever organized this shoot was thinking “it’ll be funny to have Ken Jeong hanging around making fun of himself”.