11 Dysfunctional Signs That Are Good For Business

Sometimes, you need to find a good marketing strategy – and sometimes, the good marketing strategy finds you. The latter is what happened to these lucky businesses as some of their sign’s light bulbs burned out, subsequently attracting a whole new customer base.


1. Finally serving minorities.


2. Target received a recent chill-factor upgrade.


3. All a matter of perspective.

4. Saving the drowning.


5. If you need an upgrade, they’ve got your back… uhm, your front.


6. Jump around!

7. Even though the staff noticed a recent incline in customers, they couldn’t figure out why all of them left the store somewhat disappointed.


8. You’re selling shoes, no need to get all philosophical and sh*t.


9. No more words needed.

10. A dream comes true.


11. Now you already know what to say upon arrival.