11 Challenges That Set You Up To Fail

Challenging yourself is great for your development, both physically and mentally. We’re all for accepting a good challenge. However, some of these challenges may leave you a little devastated, curled up into a sobbing ball of embarrassment.


1. When your roomates hate you.


2. Well… you could try?!


3. Unless you have ‘unique’ sexual preferences.

4. Just theoretically, what would happen if one did?


5. When you’ve been working on your sprinting skills all year.


6. Challenge accepted.

7. When you’re mad at bae and it’s your turn to cook dinner.


8. When you’ve got an urgent need and finally reached the toilet.


9. Never before has a hoverboard been this handy.

10. It’s totally worth trying.


11. Well where there’s a will there’s a way!