11 Of The Most Bizarre Things Ever Stolen

Here are 11 bizarre thefts that just weren’t worth it.


1. One hundred exams stolen from a university.

Someone broke into the University of Otago, New Zealand where they caused “considerable damage to property” and made off with 98 exams that were kept in a “secure area”. The exam had been held earlier in the day and had not yet been graded.


2. Glasses stolen right off a person’s face.

In Gosforth, Newcastle a man committed an unusual 40 minute crime spree which included stealing a man’s glasses right from his face, a woman’s umbrella being broken and another woman’s bag being taken and thrown on the road.


3. A guy’s sperm straight from his penis.

A man in South Africa was held at gunpoint by three women, kidnapped, raped, had his semen stolen and was then dumped 500km away from where he was abducted.

4. A horse’s tail hair.

In Blandford-Blenheim, Canada, a thief jumped the fence of a farm and proceeded to cut the tail off a horse. The owner said the horse later became shy and lost weight because of the incident.


5. Shoes from a person’s feet.

At a McDonald’s drive-thru in Ontario, Canada, one opportunist noticed feet dangling out of a car window and decided to relieve the person of their shoes.


6. Dad’s ashes.

A man broke into Matthew LeSage’s car supposedly hoping to steal some whiskey and made off with his father’s ashes.

7. A condom dispenser.

A guy in Waterford, Michigan decided that he needed all of the condoms at a local pub and removed the dispenser from the wall. He was caught that same night due to an overwhelming number of witnesses.


8. Someone’s front lawn.

A family from Kilkenny, Ireland arrived home to see all the grass on their front lawn had been removed.


9. Three hundred manhole covers.

The great manhole cover theft plagued Los Angeles in the early 90s, but was solved when thieves were apprehended selling them for $6 a piece to a scrap metal dealer.

10. A 350 pound inflatable gorilla.

At a California car dealership, a 350 pound gorilla was stolen from the roof. No one was caught but the dealership manager said that several people must have been involved in the heist.


11. A 10-ton steel bridge.

Thieves in the Czech Republic arrived in the town of Slavkov, where they posed as workers hired to demolish the bridge to make way for a cycle route. It was only after the thieves left with the bridge materials that the town discovered it was an elaborate con.