11 Of The Most Bizarre Products For Sale On Amazon

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, how about getting drunk and purchasing weird products on Amazon – you won’t regret it.


1. Uranium.

A sample of uranium that’s not actually dangerous – kind of takes all the fun out of it really.


2. Lady bugs… a lot of lady bugs.

There are approximately 1500 ladybugs in this container…why are there 1500 ladybugs in the container? And why are you selling it for $11.08? That’s way too specific.


3. WWII SS Allgemeine Officer Visor Cap.

Do you like the idea of being a genocidal war criminal but hate doing the actual dirty work? Buy a WWII SS visor cap.

4. Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume.

Do you want to have uncomfortably erotic feelings for your pet pooch? Buy your favorite dog a Marilyn Monroe outfit.


5. Coyote urine.

For the man who has everything, get him some coyote urine – he’ll love you for it.


6. Obama toilet paper.

Oh bummer! This toilet paper of our President is probably mostly for the haters out there.

7. A unicorn perpetrating a sex crime on a dolphin…on a cigarette holder.

Some people see a unicorn going at it with a dolphin and think “that cigarette holder just gets me man”. This is for those people.


8. Ten Dollars.

The person selling ten dollars online is trying to get you to pay $12.99. You gotta love capitalism.


9. Cookin’ with Coolio.

He gave us “Gangsta’s Paradise” so we can’t hate him, but he’s definitely pushing it with this bizarre cooking series.

10. A Nicolas Cage pillow.

How much do you love actor Nicolas Cage? Enough to pay $13.99 to sit on his face?


11. Lube…55 gallons of lube.

Needing lube isn’t weird, but needing 55 gallons of lube is weird. What kind of crazy sex parties are you regularly part of?