10 Things They Never Told You About Flying

Even though we consider ourselves relatively knowledgeable, there are still so many things we don’t have a clue about. Especially when it comes to certain forms of transport, such as flying, we just kind of hope that things are going to go well. Some things, however, would run smoother if we knew about them. Here are a few examples.


1. We should think twice about taking our dogs with us on holidays. Dogs are insanely scared of flying, while cats don’t seem to give a sh*t.


2. Even though safety is important, many planes are allowed to operate with broken or nonfunctional items on board. This is known as the minimum equipment list.


3. Baggage locks are actually completely useless – they can be popped with nothing more than a simple pen.

4. Surprisingly, many people are still unaware of the fact that they can actually raise the armrest in order to have more room.


5. The pilots are served completely different meals from each other and everyone else, to keep at least one pilot functional in case of food poisoning.


6. It is not uncommon at all for a plane to be struck by lightning. It can even trigger lightning itself by flying through a charged cloud.

7. There is a tiny latch within the lavatory sign to open the door from the outside even if it’s locked.


8. If you’re too lazy to remove old tags from your luggage, it might just be redirected and end up somewhere completely different.

emgn flying pic 8


9. As soon as a plane is about 150 miles out over the ocean, radar coverage stops. So if you go down, no one will know where it happened.

10. You’d be surprised how many people pretend to be in a wheelchair just so they can get preferential treatment.