10 Years Later, The Cast of ‘My Wife and Kids’ Are More Handsome and Sexy Than Ever!

My Wife & Kids was your standard multi-camera sitcom, but it had its own unique charm that allowed it to stand out among the rest. The show started in 2001, and ended 10 years ago in 2005. The series followed Michael Kyle, a patriarchal businessman who must balance his family life and his work life while trying to prevent his children from making the mistakes he made when he was young. His wife, Jay, kept everything together, and was often the voice of reason amongst the chaos of the somewhat dysfunctional family. Each character brought their own unique and quirky brand of comedy that together made for one of the most wholesome, beloved sitcoms in history.


1. Michael Kyle (Played by Damon Wayans)

Damon Wayans was not only the star of My Wife and Kids, but he also wrote and produced for the show too. Since then, he’s written for a number of other comedies, such as TV series Rodney most recently. His role in My Wife And Kids came in the latter stages of his career, he’d already had success with roles in In Living Color, Beverly Hills Cop, Bamboozled and Major Payne. 
He runs a company called “MIMS” (Money in My Sleep) who specialise in app development, and still has a very healthy and successful stand-up career, recently performing a set on The Late Show With David Letterman. 
He is a member of the famous Wayans family, and his legacy his continued through his son Damon Jr. – who currently stars as Coach in New Girl.


2. Janet ‘Jay’ Kyle (Played by Tisha Campbell-Martin)

Tisha Campbell-Martin came from another popular black sit-com, Martin, and was able to transition well as Wayans’ wife. She appeared in a good number of TV shows on and off after My Wife & Kids finished.
As well as Martin, she has also appeared in a number of shows and movies since the end of the show. She briefly dabbled in music in the early 90s, with a moderately successful album, Tish. She has been a part of Real Husbands of Hollywood since 2013, where she plays a fictionalized version of herself.

3. Michael Kyle Jr. (Played by George Gore II)

George Gore II starred as himself alongside Damon Wayans’ nephews in the short-lived comedy, Second Generation Wayans in 2013. Other than this role, Gore hasn’t appeared in any other movies or series since finishing up as the eldest child in My Wife and Kids. 


4. Kady Kyle (Played by Parker McKenna Posey)

It’s pretty hard to believe, but Parker McKenna Posey is now nineteen years old. She has been involved in some recent projects; you can check her out in an upcoming thriller called 90 Minutes of the Fever and another recently announced feature called This Is Real.

5. Claire Kyle (Played by Jennifer Freeman)

Jennifer has appeared in a few small movies and tv shows since the end of My Wife & Kids, most notably having a couple appearances in Real Husbands of Hollywood, which, as we mentioned, also stars Tisha Campbell-Martin.


6. Franklin Aloysius Mumford (Played by Noah Gray-Cabey)

What a hunk! In My Wife and Kids, Noah was just 9 years old, and played Kady’s virtuous, genius (boy)friend Franklin. His piano skills on the show weren’t smoke and mirrors – he’s a talented pianist in real life, and at age five, became the youngest soloist ever to perform with an orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. His popularity soared even after My Wife and Kids as he took the role of Micah Sanders in Heroes. He has also made appearances in Family Guy and CSI.