10 Of The Worse Life Hacks Ever Invented

Life hacks are meant to make life easier, however these ten hacks will not only make your life a nightmare, they may actually kill you. Do not take the advice of these idiots. Just laugh at them instead.


1. Curash? This person has Curash in their mouth.


2. It’s true but why?


3. Let’s hope that it got a thorough cleaning beforehand.

4. When nail art goes too far.


5. Normally, it is avoided like the plague.


6. Uhm what the snack hell is this?

7. Toothpaste as an “after dinner mint” means you are too poor to be hosting an evening.


8. When sleep is more important than breathing.


9. Gun in a Nike slipper. Welcome to America.

10. It’s a shame that his last post was of an electrical socket.