10 Of The Best Kept Netflix Secrets

Do you know as much about Netflix as it knows about you?


1. It is all about the titles.

Since Netflix producers believe that you make your choices with lightning speed, they spend $150 million each year to improve the title features.


2. Binge-watching and mental health issues might be connected.

According to a recent study, people that binge-watch are more prone to depression, loneliness, anxiety as well as a lack of self-control.


3. They do their homework when it comes to spoilers.

The Netflix research team employed anthropologist Grant McCracken to look into how spoilers affect user’s viewing habits.

4. Early Netflix subscribers were either pleasantly surprised or outraged.

Back in the days – well, 1998 – Netflix sold and rented DVDs. Accidentally, users who wanted to watch footage of Bill Clinton’s Grand Jury testimony got to see Chinese pornography.


5. This major glitch took place in 2014.

When show and movie descriptions got mixed together in 2014, this was the result.


6. They have the power to bring back cancelled shows.

Right, now we’re talking. The Netflix team is closely watching the success rate of shows in order to figure out whether they should be revived or not. Rumor has it that Netflix is currently negotiating with Fox about Prison Break, 24 and X-Files.

7. They used to call users up.

The Netflix staff used to call users up at home to find out how they are interacting with the Netflix features and titles.


8. Although Netflix doesn’t release ratings, you can still access them.

Through third party ratings you can still access information about Netflix viewership.


9. They don’t trust you.

In fact, they think you’re lying. According to the VP of Product Innovation, people tend to tell each other that they’re mainly watching documentaries – which he doesn’t believe to be true.

10. There is a secret menu.

When pressing Shift + Alt + a left mouse click, a troubleshooting menu will appear. There, you can pick the bit-stream rate so that your video doesn’t buffer.