10 Times Celebrities Threw Some Decent Shade

OK calm down everyone. The internet is literally losing the plot over the Leo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga thing. She was clearly in her own world (having just won a bloody Golden Globe for the first time) and he was accidentally in the way. He even said in an interview afterwards, “I didn’t know what was passing me – that’s all.”

However, there has been some real celeb shade thrown over the years and it is wildly entertaining. So let’s take a look at some actual beef, shall we? First let’s look at the non-shade that was not thrown by Leo again. Tehehe.


1. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s tasty beef.

Taylor Swift allegedly wrote “Bad Blood” about Katy Perry stealing her backup dancers. The world should know by now that these two hate each other. However the closest time that one of them has actually commented about the feud was when Katy tweeted a “Regina George” reference. Clearly it was aimed at T.Swift.


2. Ratchet remarks from Miley to Selena.

A little case of the pot calling the kettle black. Miley is jabbing Selena with a little judgemental stick about getting her boobs out on camera.

3. A little ex-lover diss.

It was simple, it was clever and it was all she needed to do to throw a little shade Justin’s way.


4. Taylor burns Justin good.

Selena and Justin’s relationship has been a rollercoster of emotions over the years. First they are together, then they are not, then they are riding motorbikes together. It’s all so confusing, especially for Selena’s best friend Taytay.  She then saw Selena kissing Justin on the cheek and so she raged out with a tongue poke. It was all too much and Twitter exploded.

5. Naya Rivera owned Big Sean.

When Big Sean broke off his engagement with Glee star Naya Rivera, it wasn’t long before Naya took her frustrations to Twitter. She dropped the “I make more money than you” line and then quickly deleted it. Guess she hadn’t heard of screen shot then.


Repeat offender.

Naya also threw a little girl shade Kim Kardashian’s way. She has a point. She is the mother of a Saint.


6. What’s good, Nicki, is this GIF.

You can see Rebel Wilson in the background reacting like the rest of the world when this went down. In 2015  Nicki went on stage to collect her MTV award and she mentioned that Miley (who was the host) had been talking smack behind her back. She laid it out in front of the audience and cameras. It was marvellous.

7. Some b*tch sassed the Duchess.

This was too much to handle. Whilst wrapping presents, and lets face it, Kate Middleton does not have to wrap presents, this random lady yelled out “keep wrapping”. Kate’s reaction was priceless and also very real. A lot of us would have given the same side-eye she did. Good for you Kate.


8. Joan Rivers (RIP) came after Rihanna.

Condemning violence with the threat of violence. Joan was sure one of kind. This is pretty funny though.


9. The elevator*ding* heard round the world.

People forget about what happened in an elevator with Beyoncé, Solange and Jay Z. It may be because it was too painful. Apparently Jay Z said something that Solange didn’t agree with and she completely lost her marbles in an elevator. Some good bad person then stole the footage from the elevator camera and their secrets were exposed to the world.

10. Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga’s b*tch fight.

Perez Hilton has rustled a few feathers in his time but none more so than Lady Gaga’s. It all started because Perez started to ask her inappropriate questions in an interview. Long story short, he made her cry and the rest is history.