10 Tattoos That Failed Harder Than The Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

There are failures that we can forget about and than there are the ones that will stay with us like they are etched on our skin, reminding us every day when we look in a mirror that we are stuck with them forever – kind of like tattoos.


1. This guy on the left probably thought that Avatar would have the cultural impact of Star Wars.


2. The problem with permanently looking like a clown is that you permanently look like a clown.


3. This has to be some kind of drunken dare right? Otherwise her parents need a good slap.

4. It takes more than facial tattoos and a camo bandanna to look gangsta bro.


5. This guy turned his face into a media empire.


6. At least before you had your looks, now what do you have?

7. White trash Demi Lovato is going to find the job hunt rather difficult.


8. DIY face tattoos tell the world that you are to be avoided at all costs.


9. This guy decided he wanted to permanently look like he was wearing someone else’s face over his – still better than DIY face tattoos.

10. This guy got $15,000 to tattoo Mitt Romney’s campaign logo on his face – you weren’t paid enough buddy.