10 Simple Everyday Things That Are Bad For Your Health

Surprisingly, some everyday things are horrendously bad for your health. Even though we are expected to perform these tasks on a regular basis, this news may just give you another good excuse to simply skip getting out of bed early or mowing your lawn.


1. Alarm clocks.

Ha! We knew it, we knew it all along! Waking up to the sound of your alarm is disruptive to your circadian rhythm and can subsequently cause cravings, obesity as well as blood pressure issues.


2. Lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing is dangerous! A Swedish study revealed that its pollution can endanger your respiratory system and your health in general.


3. Flip-Flops.

Sure they may look harmless, but they could potentially be responsible for posture and joint problems. Not so harmless after all.

4. Sitting.

Sitting down for most of your day can put you at risk of heart disease as well as obesity. Run, run out of the office now!


5. Showering too often.

While you thought showering a lot was a great idea, it’s actually messing with your skin big time. It destroys your skin’s ‘good bacteria’, meaning that it’ll go dry and be more prone to developing a rash or even yeast infection.


6. Backpacks.

Especially when they’re heavy, backpacks can damage the spinal cord – which could result in lifelong problems.

7. Cheap sunglasses.

Even if you’re on a budget, you should stay well away from cheap sunglasses. Unfortunately, cheap sunglasses won’t protect your eyes from  UVA or UVB.


8. Burning candles.

Sure, they smell nice and all, and they may get you into a great mood. They’re also a significant fire hazard, though, and release toxic fumes such as benzene.


9. Rice.

pic 9

Eating rice regularly is not as good for you as you may think. In fact, it contains high levels of  inorganic arsenic.

10. Zero gravity.

Just in case you were considering it, being an astronaut isn’t actually that great. It has devastating effects on your body, such as improper blood flow and heart issues.