10 Shocking Rock Stories That Are Totally True

Rock stars are supposed to have a larger than life persona, that’s kind of why we idolize them. So when a story comes out of the world of rock that genuinely shocks us, it must be pretty damn bad. Here are 12 shocking rock stories that turned out to be completely true.


1. Charles Manson wrote a Beach Boys tune.

Dennis Wilson of Beach Boys fame got hold of one of Manson’s songs and recorded it. Manson even stayed at Wilson’s pad for a while until he got tired of Manson’s brand of crazy and kicked him out.


2. Michael Jackson wrote some music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Michael Jackson was by all accounts, a huge kid. So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that he wrote music for this popular 1993 video game. This remained a rumor until earlier this year when the composers of the game confirmed Jackson’s involvement.


3. Tupac’s friends got high on the rapper’s ashes.

Members of Tupac’s rap group The Outlawz, mixed Tupac’s ashes with marijuana and smoked up their fallen comrade because that’s what he would have wanted? They got the idea from one of his songs Black Jesus where he states “Last wishes n****s, smoke my ashes.” Let that be a lesson to all rappers, don’t say something unless you’re prepared for it to be taken literally and obeyed as your last will and testament.

4. Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman is a dirty old man.

When the Rolling Stones were at their biggest, Wyman was at his dirtiest. When he was 48-years-old he ‘fell in love’ with a 13-year-old girl named Maggie Smith. The two slept together when she was only 14 and broke up when she was 18. This makes Wyman a legitimate sex offender.


5. Led Zeppelin and the mudshark.

This is probably the most famous rumor in rock. On July 17, 1969 Zeppelin would go down in history as the fishiest band in rock. At Seattle’s famous Edgewater Inn (where you could fish) some of the band decided that the conventional groupie sex acts were boring and decided to place a mudshark on a groupies nether regions instead.


6. Ozzy Osbourne is not loved by PETA.

When Ozzy met with Columbia record execs, his wife Sharon encouraged him to release two white doves (as a sign of peace maybe?) but Ozzy had other ideas. He grabbed one of the doves and bit it’s head off, which presumably made the Colombia execs believe this was a man who was worth investing in – take note future rock star wannabes.

7. Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin who was also 13 at the time.

Just because you married her Jerry, doesn’t make it alright and we’re not talking second or third cousins here, this was up close and personal first cousin, deformed baby type stuff. This wasn’t even OK in 1958 and Jerry ended up losing a huge portion of his fan base.


8. Steven Tyler adopted a girl so he could date her.

The American public don’t like you making sweet, sweet love to your underage cousin, but they’re apparently fine with you making sweet, sweet love to an underage girl you adopted. In 1975 some crappy parents signed custody of their 14-year-old daughter over to Steven Tyler so the pair could live together. They had a relationship until the girl turned 18 and were separated by the alleged strain an abortion put on their relationship.


9. Danny Brown went to pleasure town onstage.

In 2013 rapper Danny Brown did the most ‘rap’ thing imaginable when he got a woman in the crowd to service his junk orally while he performed onstage. He even kept rapping while this was happening, which must have made the audience a little awkward considering they had unknowingly paid money to see a live sex show.

10. Keith Moon and Mama Cass died in the same place.

Mama Cass of Mamas and the Papas fame died due to heart failure in 1974 and Keith Moon of band The Who died in the same apartment in 1978.