10 Secret Ways Your City Is Trying To Control Your Behavior

Did you ever think about the many ways your city’s officials are trying to make you behave in specific ways? Even though many of these measures are supposed to keep you safe, one cannot help but ask whether that’s the only thing they’re being used for. It could just be the case that your city is sneakingly trying to control you and everyone else.


1. Fake, visible cameras are a cheap method to keep people from doing naughty things.


2. Many benches now have armrests to prevent people from lying down and sleeping.


3. Half benches are even worse – they give you something to lean on, but prevent you from sitting or lying down. This way, you won’t stay for too long.

4. These metal studs are not random at all, they’re meant to discourage people from skating in the area.


5. Ever wondered why police leave empty cars standing around? Well, they want you to be constantly be reminded of their power and omnipresence.


6. Spikes, rocks or steep slopes underneath bridges are supposed to deter people from staying overnight.

7. Small trash can openings means that you can’t simply get rid of larger items.


8. Some poles now come with anti-sticker covers.


9. These decorative window diamonds are actually just there to discourage people from sleeping in the area.

10. These weird-looking benches would deter anyone from staying for too long.