10 Running Gags From Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

The 90s was a time of bad wardrobe choices and bad hairstyles but great television. Here are ten running gags from your favorite 90s shows.


1. Wilson never shows his face – Home Improvement.

Tim Taylor always went to his next door neighbor Wilson for his sage like wisdom and lack of a fully formed face. The pair together shared some of the shows most heart warming moments.


2. “They Killed Kenny…you bastards!” – South Park.

This became a running gag at the end of every South Park episode. Kenny would always die a new and different way followed by Kyle or Stan screaming “Oh my God, they killed Kenny, you bastards!”. Apparently this line was aimed at the show’s creators by their creations for killing off Kenny at the end of each episode.


3. Uncle Phil throws Jazz out the door – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Jazz really irritated Uncle Phil and normally wouldn’t go more than a few minutes before saying something that got him literally thrown out of the house.

4. Falling off the water tower – That 70s Show.

Many of the characters in That 70s Show have made the climb and then taken a fall off the water tower. The list includes Kelso, Bob, Leo, Red and Randy who all survived but Charlie Richardson wasn’t so lucky.


5. Steve Urkel’s annoying catchphrase – Family Matters.

Urkel’s catchphrase “Did I do that?” should be used as a torture device because it’s the most annoying thing ever heard or seen on a television screen. Many people are still recovering from the trauma.


6. Eric and his “Feeny” call – Boy Meets World.

Feeny was basically Eric’s mentor in Boy Meets World. His character was supposed to be the intelligent older brother but somewhere along the way that character went very wrong. The legendary “Feeny” call remains a classic moment from a great show.

7. “We were on a break!” – Friends.

Ross just couldn’t catch a break after he and Rachel went on a break in the show Friends. It became such an iconic catchphrase it would develop over the years to be used in an assortment of different situations.


8. Kel and his creepy obsession with orange soda – Kenan & Kel.

“Who loves orange soda? Kel love orange soda! I do I do I do…hooo.”Anytime Kel was in the presence of orange soda he would kiss it, caress it and cradle it. Sounds like orange soda needs to get a restraining order.


9. The fictional film universe of Seinfeld.

Fake movies became part of minor or even major commentary during Seinfeld episodes. Fake movies like Rochelle, Rochelle, CheckMate and Chunnel were used to poke fun at the films and the type of people who went to see them.

10. Anything out of Michelle Tanner’s mouth – Full House.

Her famous catchphrases included “You got it dude”, “Aww nuts” and “Duh”, which were often used at just the right time to break the tension in a scene.