10 Ridiculous Instagram Posts From Models

Next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most entertaining social media platforms. There’s just one thing it really isn’t good for: people’s body images. Many gorgeous models have recently turned into Instagram maniacs and can’t stop posting pics of their oh-so-flashy lives. It’d be fine, if they didn’t forcibly flaunt their flawless bodies in every possible way. No, we’re not jealous, obviously. We just don’t like how they’re trying to justify their poses with the most senseless captions. No, really – we’re not jealous.


1. Trancoso’s citizens surely thank you, too.


2. Totally nothing other than an ‘average’ going-to-the-gym shot.


3. Sure you are.

4. OK, so that’s why you’re naked in a big pile of clothes?


5. Heidi recently got glasses and joined the duck face club.


5. Just a lazy Sunday in full makeup and designer clothes.


6. No offense, but it’s easy to say that when you’re a freaking beautiful model.

7. This is not what a lazy Sunday looks like!


8. No, and this is not how people wake up…


… and this isn’t how they hit the gym.


9. The baby’s face says it all.

10. And this… oh, this is actually kind of cute.