10 Presidents Who Were Total Swingers

Golf has been described as “the greatest game ever played” by someone who was probably far too obsessed with the game, wanted to marry it and make sweet, sweet love with all 18 holes. Here are ten presidents who were pretty handy with a club in their hands.


1. Ronald Reagan.

Reagan began playing golf around about the same time he started acting and had a handicap of 12.


2. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Roosevelt started playing golf at 12 and even won a championship at Campobello, aged 17.


3. George Bush Sr.

Daddy Bush had a handicap of 20 during his time in office – get it together George, you’re at the back of the presidential pack.

4. Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon took up golf when he was vice president as a way to stay close to President Eisenhower. He reportedly had a handicap as low as 12 but he was probably lying about it.


5. Gerald Ford.

Ford was a real sportsman. He was part of the two time national championship winning football team at the University of Michigan, but never really got to the same heights in golf. He reached a handicap of 12 at his peak.


6. Barack Obama.

Obama doesn’t really look like the golfing type but has played frequently since becoming president in 2009. His handicap is relatively high at 17.


7. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This guy played more than 800 rounds of golf in his two terms as president but still only managed a handicap between 14 and 18.


8. Bill Clinton.

Clinton rules them all with a handicap of 10 (at his best), which places him at the very top of president golfers.


9. George Bush Jr.

After leaving office, Bush had more time to devote to the game eventually reaching a handicap of 10 which is nothing to sneer at.

10. John F. Kennedy.

Despite battling back pain for most of his life, Kennedy was a pretty good golf player who had a handicap around 14-15.