10 People Who Are So Damn Desperate It’s Hilarious

These ten people seem to have had a hard time of late. They have resorted to publicly showing their desperation. Why? We are not too sure…but it certainly is funny.


1.  “Just take my books dammit.”


2. They are witty and have free pizza, someone SHOULD date this person.


3. The dog makes up for the desperation.

4. They have manners and everything is spelled correctly. HIRED!


5. Desperate times, desperate measures.


6. Uhmm can someone explain what a disobedient avocado is? Like, maybe it doesn’t ripen by the time you get home?

7. He used the word “tis”. That is all.


8. Diana, you had us at “Free”.


9. “I need that beer and that free hat.”

10. Get dat free Wifi brah.