10 Of The Most Creative Anti-Smoking Ads You’ll Ever See

1. Tailpipe smoke is gross, and so is cigarette smoke. One quitting group made this campaign to equate the two.


2. Smoking causes blindness, so these trash cans were made to look like eyes to hit that point home.


3. Encouraging people to fight smoking by dressing a punching bag up like a cigarette.

4. Some of the stop signs in Brazil were made to look like cigarettes, now carrying two messages.


5. These ads were placed in cafes in Dubai, where people are allowed to come and smoke.


6. The Peruvian League Against Cancer wanted to show smokers that being surrounded by secondhand smoke is just as deadly as being attacked by a swarm of killer bees, so they painstakingly glued 15,000 cigarette butts together by hand.


7. Smoke kills, printed on a coffin. Simple, effective.


8. A clear X-ray was placed over a cigarette butt holder, so that everyone using it could see the accumulation of butts in the lungs.


9. This 12 metre long tanker was used by a cancer research company to highlight how toxic cigarettes are.


10. These clever ads show the ash on a cigarette moulded into people and buildings, as if they’ve been burnt through. The idea is that smoking effects everyone, not just the smoker.