10 Then And Now Images That Hit You In The Face With Nostalgia

Time changes things, that’s the nature the world. Sometimes you look at things and say “hey things, you’re beautiful as you are, don’t ever change”, but things had a bad childhood which is why it never feels good enough and that’s sad. Here are ten images showing us how life used to be and how it is now.


1. If this isn’t evidence of continued human evolution then what is?


2. You stay classy New York.


3. Cartoon Network Then and Now.

Where cartoons go to die.

4. Some things never change, even when they change.


5. So the Teletubby baby grew up and her face still looks pretty much exactly like that baby.


6. Looks like Pikachu went on a diet.

7. Holy crap, Steve Urkel is hot?!


8. Lara Croft finally got her wish of becoming a real girl.


9. Eww the 90s. Let’s hope that never comes back.

10. Luke Skywalker – still trying to bang his sister after all these years.