10 Kitchen Hacks You Should Pass On To The Next Generation

If humankind is to survive, we need to learn how to cook properly… and a lot of other things, obviously. However, let’s focus on mastering the culinary kitchen-beast today – there are a lot of kitchen hacks we should acquire so we can pass them on to the next generation. After all, children are the future – and they will need to eat.


1. Cook pasta like a boss (an Italian boss).

In order for your pasta to have restaurant quality, you may have to add just a little more salt as well as butter. The pasta water should taste just like very salty ocean water.


2. Don’t just do scrambled eggs.

Eggs have so much more to offer! You could have them hard-boiled, poached, or stir them into a nice omelet filled with veggies. This way, you’ll never get bored.


3. Know how to make a good pan sauce.

Pan sauces are the easiest way to give your pasta or chicken a five-star upgrade. For the sauce, simply stir poached tomatoes, basil, chicken stock, a little wine and garlic, and then add spices – done!

4. Learn how to sharpen knives.

You can either use a sharpening stone, or an electrical sharpener – it’s up to you. Just know that dull knives are even more dangerous than sharp ones when cutting, as they tend to leave a bigger wound.


5. Make a good chicken cutlet.

The proper chicken cutlet breading technique is actually not as hard as you may think. In fact, it only requires four simple steps: First, season the chicken. Second, cover it in flour. Third, dip it in eggs. Fourth, sprinkle breadcrumbs on top. After mastering this technique, there are dozens of variations just waiting to be explored.


6. Don’t forget to wash your veggies properly.

It’s easy, and it’ll get rid of most of the nasties. Simply fill two big bowls with water, put the veggies into the first one and swoosh them around, This way, all the dirt will sink to the bottom when you lift the veggies out of the bowl. Then you can let them take a little rest in the crystal clear water of the second water bowl before cutting them up.

7. Roast veggies like a god.

The oven shouldn’t only serve your pizza cravings. In fact, there’s a whole range of healthy food that can be prepared in the oven – such as roasted veggies, for example.


8. Veggies deserve to be shocked and blanched.

By first boiling veggies and then dropping them into a bowl with ice-cold water, you can abruptly stop the cooking process and lock both the veggie color and texture in place. Hence, they’ll remain crispy but tender.


9. Learn how to make great chocolate sauce.

It may just be a life-saving skill to have. In order to make chocolate sauce, you need to prepare and not only have the chocolate ready, but also a double-boiler.

10. Never forget to clean the kitchen.

Seriously, this is the essential part that differentiates the wheat from the chaff. If you want to be a true master chef, you need to give your kitchen a good clean every time you’ve used it. Otherwise, nasty germs will spread and be all over your food next time you want to create a delicious meal.