10 Crazy Facts About Celebrities That We’d Never Heard!

1. Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake lived together when they were kids.

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When the boys were 11, Ryan’s Mom moved back to Canada, and Ryan lived with Justin while the two were filming together. Justin’s Mom acted as chaperone, and the two would reportedly bunk tutoring to go to the park. Crazy kids.


2. Bob Marley’s father was English ex-naval officer from Essex.
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With a father of English heritage, new to Jamaica, and an African-Jamaican mother, Bob Marley was a mixed-race singing sensation.

3. Woody Harrelson’s father was an assassin.
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In contrast to Woody, the quintessential nice guy, his father was a paid hitman. He received $1500 for kidnapping and murdering a salesman, got caught, and eventually died while in prison for the crime in 2007.

4. Elvis was a natural blond.
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Elvis became famous with a dark haired look, but in reality that was dye job to make him look edgier. He began dying his hair as soon as he started pursuing a career in the music industry.

5. Kesha writes songs with the help of her Mom.
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It’s hard to imagine Kesha as a family girl, collaborating with her mother to write her hits, but that’s fairly close to the truth. Kesha’s Mom was a singer-songwriter who penned some hits in the 70s, and now helps her daughter out with her writing.


6. Tom Hanks is a descendent of Abe Lincoln.
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It’s a pretty weak relationship, but it’s there. Tom Hanks is Lincoln’s third cousin four times removed on Tom’s mothers side. Hanks claims he wrote many essays on his relationship with this American president during high school.

7. Natalie Portman has been published in scientific journals.
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It’s common knowledge that Portman has a pretty good head on her shoulders. She did go to Harvard, after all. But did you know she co-authored two papers? And one was while she was at high school!


8. Christopher Walken loves cat videos.
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Who doesn’t? But Walkens openly admits it, and he shares them with his friends. As if we needed another thing we love him for!

9. Steve Buscemi was once a firefighter in New York

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Steve worked in the New York fire department for a few years before making it big in Hollywood, and may have saved the lives of many New Yorkers. He went back to the fire department after 9/11, working long shifts to rescue people trapped in the debris. What a hero!


10. Dr. Ruth is a trained sniper!
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Legendary sex therapist Dr. Ruth moved to Israel after her parents were killed in world war two., where she joined the Israeli Defence Force. Because of her size she was trained as a sniper and a scout, but never shot or killed anyone.