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Scottish photographer Chris Morgan Takes HD Photos Of Hummingbirds… And They Are Beautiful

Hummingbirds are a rare bird with spectacular beauty, believe it or not, they've also been scientifically proven to be the cutest birds in the animal kingdom.
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Dog Apologies Quickly After Borrowing a Toy From Baby Laura… This is so Sweet!

When Charlie the dog borrows a toy from Laura at an unexpected moment, she becomes extremely upset. Unhappy with what he has done, he shows he really is a good dog, he gives the toy straight back to her and then showers her with many others to make her happy.

These Landscapes Are Painted Onto Female Models – With Back lighting, The Results Are Amazing

John Poppleton is an artist from Wellsville in Northern Utah. In this series of spectacular paintings he uses fluorescent pigment to paint landscapes on female models, and then photographs them under UV light for the final fluorescent effect.


24 Strange Facts That You Possibly Didn’t Know About The Human Brain! #6 Is AMAZING!

Some of the mysteries and myths of the brain which have been developed over the course of history, you won't believe how interesting the human brain actually is!
Go kart

This Kid Steers This Go-Kart As If He Was Playing Mario Kart In Real Life!

Watch as this young boy makes a perfect park with his go-kart, his handling is absolutely breathtaking!

Tattoo Translations

These 18 Chinese Tattoo Translation Fails Will Put You Off All Ink Forever

A good rule to follow would be to make sure you know what your tattoo says before you make it permanent or risk becoming an internet meme sensation!
People Of Walmart1

These 20 Hilarious People Of Walmart Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Some of the most colorful characters come from the aisles of Walmart...
Fun Eggs3

You Will Never Looks At Your Eggs The Same Way Ever Again…

After seeing all these fantastically expressive faces on eggs you will never look at your breakfast in the same way! These are seriously funny.