About EMGN

EMGN is a news and entertainment website that reaches millions of people every month. Our content is not only fresh, interesting and engaging but it is also some of the most shared across the internet!

EMGN is run by Hole in One Holdings Limited and our offices are based in Auckland, New Zealand

Our Mission:

EMGN strives to provide our audience with a thought provoking and stimulating mental vacation where ever and whenever they desire.


EMGN was originally founded in 2006 and re-launched in January 2014 and has since achieved explosive growth

What does “EMGN” mean?

EMGN stands for Entertainment, Movies and Gaming Network.

Our Content

We strive to create and collate unique and relevant content that will provide people with a stimulating ‘mental vacation’ during their day. We call this content our ‘Mind Candy’.

In real terms, we are looking to differentiate EMGN from similar sites by being first on to what’s happening around the world and be the port of call for entertainment, media and gaming related news.