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His Wife Refused To Pose For Maternity Photos So This Husband Did Something Hilarious!

Reddit user DruishPrincess69 says his wife didn't want to take maternity photos... so stepped up to the plate and volunteered instead. Now you have the privilege of seeing these beauties! Enjoy...
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The Cuteness Is ALMOST To Much Too Handle With These 21 Animals With Adorable Markings

Prepare for a serious cuteness overload with these genetically gifted animals! They all have distinctive discolorations that make then simply adorable!

What this Barber Creates With Peoples Hair Is Simply Unbelievable…

Rob Ferrel is an artist who has given a new twist on "your average barber". In the real world he is what you would call a 'hair artist', and some of his work is out of this world.


Would You Send Your Selfies For Others To Anonymously Illustrate? These People Did And They Are Hilarious!

If you could submit a selfie for other people to Illustrate, would you do it? One award-winning app allows you to upload pictures and strangers anonymously draw portraits with a twist, the results are quite simply hilarious.

They Started Off At The Bottom, Now They’re Bringing The Next Generation Of Dance Music!

Ever thought you were talented in terms of music? Making Youtube accounts and Soundcloud accounts, desperately trying to accumulate followers and subscriptions. Well don't lose faith, these artists are living proof, that with the right level of perseverance, it's possible!

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This Adorable Dog Fainted From Too Much Excitement After Seeing Her Owner After 2 Years!

It turns out too much excitement can be a bad thing! This adorable puppy saw her owner for the first time in two years and fainted! The reaction is just so adorable. The owner stated via YouTube that “everything is fine with her”.
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This Mind-Bending 3D Beach Art By NZ Artist Jamie Harkins Will Blow Your Mind

Drawing inspiration from 3-D chalk drawings on pavements around the world, artist Jamie Harkins and co. have set about creating some truly awesome works of art on their local beach! The results are stunning!

Heart Warming Notes Sent To Child Refugees – Simple Things Can Make A Massive Difference

All around the world, there are endless child refugees, lost and feeling alone - living a different life to many others. As an extremely heart warming gesture, people in America are sending these children encouraging letters of hope and acceptance - giving them a new light within their world.