Watch Dogs Playstation 4 Screenshots 3

These Stunning PS4 Screenshots Will Show You Why Watch Dogs Was Well Worth The Wait

Watch Dogs is set for release on May 27, 2014 and judging by these stunning new screenshots, it looks like the long wait was well worth it!
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street

10 Stars That Should’ve Won Oscars!

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20 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals!

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17 HUGE Dogs That Don’t Realise How Big They Really Are

Dog seem to have a very cute problem. They have no perception of size! Even as grown adults, dogs seem to think they are the exact same size as they were when they entered the world as cute little puppies, or they just don't care! This results in some adorable and hilarious photos...
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5 Must Watch Action Movies Of 2013 and 2014

We take a look at 5 absolute must-watch recent release and upcoming action movies.

Boeing 747-400 Simulator In House 0

This Man Was Forced To Give Up His Lifelong Dream. What He Built In His House Over 15 Years Is EPIC

John Davis had a dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot ever since he was a kid. John was obsessed with aviation but as he was growing up, he realized his dream would not become a reality. So he did the next best thing...
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Having A Bad Day? Remember, There Is ALWAYS Someone Having It Worse…

These aren't Karma moments, just people who are having a terrible day... Hopefully their pain makes you feel better!
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After Seeing These 23 Spectacular Places You Will Be Adding Them To Your Bucket List

These spectacular natural and man made wonders will take you to all corners of the globe and will leave you speechless in their wonder.