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24 Funny Replies To An EX… These Are Classic!

Most of us have experienced different things when it comes to our EX's, but just how far or awkward can things get? Judging by these texts, they couldn't get any more awkward or funny! Although we're sure no-one would want to be on the receiving end of one of these.

25 Insane Pictures Which Show You Life Through The Eyes Of Adrenaline Junkies!

Ever wanted to slightly experience a thrill without the danger? Thanks to some daredevils with the right equipment, you can! Ranging from paragliding to surfing, you can experience it all!

7 Unseen Joker Photos That Will Make You Miss Heath Ledger Even More

Heath Ledger will always be remembered in our hearts as one of the best, if not the best, Joker of all-time. Heath ledger always gave 110% into his character, which ultimately led to his depression. Here are 7 unseen photos from The Dark Knight that will show you his determination and make you wish he […]

Amazing 3D Drawings 0

You Will Be Shocked When You Find Out That These Are Not Photographs. #10 – WOW!

You will have a hard time believing that this work by Gustavo Silva Nuñez are not photographs! Gustavo creates hyper-realistic paintings and then takes things to the next level by posing with his photos to create an optical illusion. This creates a sense of the paintings interacting with Gustavo, this effect is really visible in image #10.
Eminem seems a bit out of it...

20 Rappers Faster Than Eminem

Thought Eminem was the fastest rapper to spit on a mic? These 20 rappers might change your mind.


Can’t Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veges? Check Out This Mum’s Trick

Brazilian mum, Nivea Salgado found her daughter wouldn't eat the vegetables and fruit being served to her. So her mum came up with a creative way to make her meals more appealing.

These People Are Living Life On The Edge And Will Leave You Speechless!

This list is full of people living life on the complete edge.

These Extremely Creative Ideas Will Make Cleaning Your House So Much Easier

These creative tricks will help make cleaning your house super easy and less of a chore!