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These 19 Unique Dog Breeds And Markings Will Make You Fall In Love Immediately!

If you're a dog person you're going to love this, if you're not, then you're going to start loving dogs! This is a collection of some of the more unusual dog breeds, have a look!

This Mexican Bridal Shop Mannequin Looks Just Like A Preserved Human Corpse. Bound To Give You The Chills!

There is a bridal shop in the middle of Mexico that is famous, not for it's dresses, but for the mannequins that they have. In particular, one that bears a close resemblance to the owners daughter!

There Is Something About These Pictures That Make Them Strangely Satisfying…

You've seen the following pictures, whether it be over the internet or in real life, but you probably haven't realised the significance. 'Satisfying' is the word that best represents the emotions that are felt when we see these pictures.


This Creative New Project Reminds Us What It Means To Have Beauty… It’s Stunning.

Two girls of 16 years old, Ilana and Marlena, have come up with a project which rewrites what it is to have beauty.

These Spiders Look Like They Are Made Up Of Colored Broken Glass

You may think you're looking at a small crystal sculpture or a small piece if jewelry, when in actual fact this is a real life spider.

Awesome Inventions12

16 Awesome Inventions You Are Definitally Going Open Your Wallet For

Sometimes a little out of the box thinking can go a long way to solving some of life's niggly problems. These inventions all help to improve your life in their own special way and a friken awesome!

Man Builds His Family Home For Just £3000 But The Result Is Magical

This may look like something out of Lord of the Rings, but it's actually a family home built by Welshman Simon Dale. Despite not being a builder or architect, the house Simon has created is simply stunning.
Cool drink fast

This Super Easy Trick Will Cool Your Drink In Less Than 2 Minutes!

If you ever need to cool down a drink quickly, use this simple trick to drop the temperature significantly in just two minutes!